Like it or not, Christmas is on the way. Irrespective of your reaction to that last sentence, one thing this time of year unites is people who love dark beers. As soon as the nights draw in, stouts and porters become a far more attractive prospect, warming you up as the cold seeps under the door jamb. Well today, we have a beer that will warm you up – and then some.

AB:24 is a coffee and brown sugar Baltic Porter. And it is out now.

Abstrakt AB:24

You can buy AB:24 here

Our latest Abstrakt release pays homage to the wooden ships that traversed the Baltic to trade with the Imperial Russian court. To stave off the harshness of winter the ships would carry strong, dark beer, coffee and other warming items – so our twenty-fourth Abstrakt release is a cold-fermented Baltic Porter enriched by coldbrew coffee and dark muscovado sugar. This is a bracing beer set square in the face of the wildest weather imaginable.

Charting a depth of 12.0% ABV, AB:24 is a huge, mocha-forward beer laded with the aromas of freshly-brewed coffee, toasty caramel, red berry fruit and a bitter chocolate undercurrent. Decanted into your finest glassware, it is designed to be rich, warming and full-flavoured, with an almost brandy-like backbone from the muscovado and double-digit ABV. Our latest Abstrakt is perfect for drinking now or storing below decks for years to come.

Hoppy Christmas

You can buy Hoppy Christmas here

Also live in our BrewDog online shop are the return of our festive releases. These twins are as different as you can get, but both ideal for this time of year – so ideal in fact that we have now coupled them as a twelve-bottle Christmas mixer case! First up, Hoppy Christmas is a 7.2% ABV no-holds-barred salvo from our favourite hop – Simcoe – resulting in a flurry of pithy orange and zesty grapefruit.

Santa Paws

You can buy Santa Paws here

Also online we have our darker festive beer, Santa Paws. Linking eight different malts together our Christmas Scotch Ale is brewed to session-strength, making it ideal for anyone wanting a taste of the season but without resorting (just yet at least) to the armchair. Santa Paws is a rousing medley of bitter dark chocolate, espresso, caramel and dark stone fruit. A festive winner on all counts.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

You can buy Tactical Nuclear Penguin here

Finally, as the top of the blog post mentioned dark beers to warm you up, it would be remiss of us not to mention arguably the biggest beer ever to fit that description from the BrewDog stable. Yes, TNP is back. Our uber-imperial stout clocks in at 32% ABV and is truly a beer for the dedicated (or the curious). Aggressively complex and assertive, this behemoth is roasty, smoky and with a rich mouthfeel redolent with chocolate liqueur, spiced mocha and warming alcohol.

Abstrakt AB:24 is live in our online shop right now and will be released on draft across our network of UK BrewDog bars from 6pm tonight, Thursday 23rd November. The festive beers should be pouring already, so check your local and see whether they are on tap! As ever with our Abstrakt series if you get to try AB:24 be sure and let us have your tasting notes via the comments below!

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Pete H 23.11.2017 @ 1:07pm
I usually prefer the pale hoppy beverages, so Hoppy Christmas is on my list.
But, the Coffee Baltic Porter of AB24 is very tempting. Looking forward to trying that on draft this weekend.
And, we (Nottingham) had Tokyo on draft the other week. Christmas is indeed on the way.
Scouse_Dave 23.11.2017 @ 11:48am
I can't believe we're up to #24 already!
Koolch 23.11.2017 @ 11:47am
Yay, coffee and sugar, double the buzz!