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We love the fact that so many people journey to north-eastern Aberdeenshire to try our beer at source and meet the amazing men and women who work for BrewDog. But we also know that Ellon is a long way from pretty much anywhere else. So as DogHouse Columbus takes shape in Ohio we can announce today we have scored an amazing piece of land right next door to our Ellon facility.

And we are expanding onto it with a home-grown hotel. DogHouse Ellon is go.

We have dialled in an arrangement with our neighbours at Power Jacks to take their 3.25 acre site and use it to continue to keep up with the incredible demand for our Scottish-brewed craft beer.

By the end of 2018 we are looking to have opened a brand new 300HL brewhouse on the site (the same size as our Site 3 brewery), along with a new packaging hall and bespoke canning line. We opened Site 3 in mid-2016 and it is already at capacity. You guys truly rock. So adding another brewhouse to Ellon is the perfect time to add that home-away-from-home for the many visitors who also come and see us.

Set to open its doors in the first half of next year, DogHouse Ellon will rock 26 rooms overlooking our new brewhouse – so anyone who stays there can wake up to those brewday aromas (no alarm clock required). We are going all out on the rooms – each will have Punk IPA on tap and will be en-suite with a killer shower-beer fridge so you are never more than an arm’s reach from a chilled craft beer!

We couldn’t have envisaged this kind of project without the support from our amazing army of BrewDog Equity Punks. You guys built this. So as a thank you to the people who have supported us in this way we are offering card-carrying Equity Punks priority booking for the DogHouse Ellon – so when you rock up to the brewery we own together to check it out, we have the perfect place for you to stay before you head home. How does that sound?

We can’t wait to get this project started as we expand to the east side of our current brewhouse, creating more jobs for Aberdeenshire and ending up with a destination for the many people who travel to our part of the world to see how we do things. A brand new BrewDog hotel; two minutes’ walk from DogTap, a minute from our HQ offices. Introducing the DogHouse. You may never want to check-out.

Equity for Punks V is now live! Click here to find out more about investing in BrewDog

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BrewDog Rich 28.02.2018 @ 9:33am
Karen, Ian, Darren - Everyone asking when it can be booked, don't worry we will let you know. The building hasn't been converted over yet so we are a ways away yet. But hold on, we will give you all plenty of notice :)
Karen Crossan 24.02.2018 @ 8:46am
Can we pre book now? Whens it opening?
Ian s 23.02.2018 @ 10:45pm
How do i go about booking a weekend here
Ian 22.02.2018 @ 6:10pm
Punk on tap, who needs a glass. Can't wait to stay.
Darren Egan 21.02.2018 @ 4:37pm
nneeeedddddddd to stay here, when can we book ;)
April Buchan 21.02.2018 @ 7:02am
Love this ???? When can we book ????????????
Joe Delaney 20.02.2018 @ 8:38pm
Any jobs for graduates?
Terry from Bristol 20.02.2018 @ 8:36pm
Got to be a lot better than the RAF accommodation I used to live in at Peterhead. I couldn't even have a beer in my room then (and it was well before Brewdog got going so the only choice was McEwens or Tennents).
Fiona S. 20.02.2018 @ 8:29pm
Can we book now?
Bernard K 20.02.2018 @ 8:29pm
Awesome news.

How about a bespoke Brew Dog Hotel t.shirt free to evey guest, just waiting for them on the bed when they check in?
Daz Bruce 20.02.2018 @ 8:03pm
This is ace! Next time the wife kicks me out i can get pished in my hotel room ???????????????? Sign me up
Iain 20.02.2018 @ 7:38pm
James I am wondering if the works goin on across from the new recycling is the new Power Jacks building
Campbell 20.02.2018 @ 7:11pm
I'm an Aberdonian living in York with one son who works for Brewdog and another lives just along the road from the Brewery in Ellon and I have two dogs. PLEASE make it affordable to come and stay there - it would be ideal.
Whizz. 20.02.2018 @ 6:55pm
What going to happen with the Bone Yard ?
Steve 20.02.2018 @ 5:37pm
Brilliant, so are you guys no longer looking to acquire the land to the north of the current site from the council then?
Eddie T 20.02.2018 @ 4:54pm
How do I book a room? ??
lee 20.02.2018 @ 4:34pm
so ep 1st wave will get 1st dibs at staying in the hotel
what are the local bus links iike do you have a station

needs a pool
BrewDog Rich 20.02.2018 @ 3:45pm
Daria - This is the information! We announced it this morning - don't worry any further announcements will be shared with our Equity Punks on the forum so you guys can get the heads-up

James - The site has been purchased from Power Jacks, yes, they will move to a new purpose- built facility later this year.

Pat - We’re looking to make our four legged friends comfy as well! Stay tuned!
Daria 20.02.2018 @ 2:56pm
Will the backers who funded it get any notifications about this? I haven’t received any information
Patricia 20.02.2018 @ 2:09pm
yes can`t wait to stay there :)
Kyle 20.02.2018 @ 1:14pm
Congrats Brewdog - fantastic news!!! Can't wait to book a stay
Niall Baker 20.02.2018 @ 12:37pm
I want to be the first to visit!!! Hospitality is my area of expertise! (And brewdog!)
Mike 20.02.2018 @ 12:12pm
Lynne Holburn 20.02.2018 @ 12:08pm
OMG! fantastic! All power to the Brewdog crew... they never fail to amaze the Punks!
Nigel F 20.02.2018 @ 11:43am
Great news guys, looking forward to it and some sour beer form O/W. Thanks to Power Jacks too!
Laura 20.02.2018 @ 11:36am
Great idea!!!
Neil B 20.02.2018 @ 11:35am
That is just darn awesome! I will have to book a weekend there for my birthday next year. I can't think of a better place to celebrate it.
James 20.02.2018 @ 11:08am
Does this mean power jacks is leaving Ellon? or rebuilding their HQ somewhere else? Or was this the land the other side of the road from Powerjacks that they maybe owned?
Pat Hanson 20.02.2018 @ 10:46am
Hopefully the hotel rooms will be dog-friendly?
John chapman 20.02.2018 @ 10:38am
Be Great Wall to wall beer can’t wait to book a night in one of the new rooms when it’s built.
Mason 20.02.2018 @ 10:27am
gonna live there
Martin_B 20.02.2018 @ 10:06am
I would give my left arm to stay there. Put a hotel in the Overworks too! :)
Paul 20.02.2018 @ 9:45am
One word. Epic.