You can find out more about investing in BrewDog at

At the start of the month, we brought you up to date with the status of our curated craft beer club – but this time around, we can go one better. That’s because BottleBox is live. Yes, our sign-up service for hand-picked home delivery is launching today!

BottleBox is unlike any other craft beer subscription service – leading on quality and freshness, our own beers come right off the packaging lines at our Ellon brewhouse, and we can use our connections to go to the very best craft breweries around the world for our Equity Punk-only mixed cases of BrewDog and guest beers!

Speaking of our army of shareholders – anyone who invests £1,900 or over (40+ shares) in Equity for Punks IV will get access to a year’s free subscription – and if that tally is reached by 25th March then you’ll get an early shipment when it leaves our warehouse in a fleet of BrewDog trucks next week. If you qualify, log-in to your shareholder account, click the BottleBox link and enter your address – it’s that simple. All you need to do then is sit by the letterbox!

Since our preview post at the start of the month, we have listened to your feedback and have made a couple of changes. Equity Punks, for those of you after the BrewDog-only cases, we have reduced the price from £40 to £35 per BottleBox. And for everyone, if you sign up now and pay for 12 boxes in advance, you will get them for the price of 11. PLUS, BottleBox delivery is now at no extra charge to all UK addresses (here’s looking at you, Highlands & Islands and Northern Ireland)!

Equity Punk-only cases

A) 12 BrewDog beers. Delivered monthly. £35 per month.
B) 12 BrewDog beers. Delivered bimonthly. £35 every two months.
C) 6 BrewDog and 6 guest beers. Delivered bimonthly. £40 every two months.

All prices include UK-wide delivery (and also the 20% shareholder discount), option C will be the BottleBox those shareholders with over £1,900 will be able to sign up to, free of charge!

General Public cases

D) 8 BrewDog beers. Delivered monthly. £23 per month.
E) 12 BrewDog beers. Delivered monthly. £30 per month.
F) 18 BrewDog beers. Delivered monthly. £37 per month.

Again, prices are inclusive of delivery to your UK address of choice. All instalment payments will be taken via recurring payments and both the Equity Punk and Public BottleBoxes are also available to our craft beer loving fans around the world (with standard shipping surcharges). Plus you can sign up for as many of the options as you like!

Check the website for all our beers – we are committed to making this as flexible and easy as possible, so you can skip, pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Every third case for each option will also contain BrewDog merchandise – the Equity Punk cases will feature exclusive merch that will not be for sale in the online shop!

If you never want to miss a BrewDog beer launch again, or have a hankering to discover more about the joys of British and global craft beer, all delivered to your door – then our new curated subscription beer service BottleBox is for you. Let us know in the comments what breweries we should be chasing down for the next Guest case!

You can find out more about investing in BrewDog at

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BrewDog Rich 14.04.2016 @ 7:16am
Stephen W - The first BottleBoxes were dispatched at the start of the week so they should be with you soon!

David G/Barker - The Equity Punk BottleBoxes contain exclusive, limited edition beers
Stephen W 14.04.2016 @ 1:03am
Can you advise as to when the first box is planned to be dispatched? I have a shareholder monthly subscription, but have no information as to when the deliveries are planned for.
Barker 24.03.2016 @ 3:47pm
Why are the EFP only cases more expensive per bottle?
Matthew C 24.03.2016 @ 9:27am
Do the 40 shares needed tfor the free year's subscription need to be bought after the EFP IV start? I have 40 shares but no idea how many were bought this time around. Do I get the freebie?
David G 21.03.2016 @ 7:59pm
Will the EFP offer include the odd pricey bottle as a treat? Eg not only £1.80-£4 bracket. As I'll be sorely tempted if so.

BrewDog Rich 21.03.2016 @ 3:05pm
Rudy - Yes we do ship to the Netherlands, with the delivery surcharge payable! Best of luck with the move

Sebastian - They will vary

Jeffery - I've had it confirmed that there won't be any tshirts in the merch for that reason (we're all different!)
BrewDog Rich 21.03.2016 @ 1:26pm
Brett - There may well be BottleBox exclusives, but I would think they would be guest beers rather than BrewDog beers!
Brett S 21.03.2016 @ 12:44pm
Will the equity punk box contain Brewdog beers that equity punks are unable to purchase any other way? This would be very disappointing if this was the only way to get certain beers, I already make multiple purchases every month and buy every new Brewdog release that comes out along with my own selection of Brewdog and guest beers.
rudy 21.03.2016 @ 7:44am
Hi, love the new offers!
As I'll relocate soon: Are ABC and/or DEF also shipped to other EU countries (NL)?
Thanks and keep up the good work!
Sebastian 20.03.2016 @ 9:43pm
Are the beers that you will deliver, the same ones as shown on those small images at the bottlebox page?
BrewDog Rich 20.03.2016 @ 1:15pm
Steve - It will be a mixed case every month, with changing beers as our new releases are added

Tony B - The bi-monthly BottleBoxes are for Equity Punks, so you'll have to be signed in to your account on the website and then follow the links, so you can check out the options from there!

Jeffery - Good question! I'll ask our merch team on Monday and will get back to you!

Billy T - Yes it is, just sign up to one, and then next month sign up to the other one and they should then arrive in alternate months
Steve 19.03.2016 @ 2:47pm
Hi Rich,
Will the box contain all the same beer e.g. 18 Punk one month, 18 Dead Pony the next, or is it a mixed box each month
Tony B 19.03.2016 @ 1:21pm
How do u pick the bi monthly option?
Jeffery 18.03.2016 @ 11:43pm
For the merch in the EFB boxes...will there be any shirts? If so, how are you guys figuring sizing?
Jennifer 18.03.2016 @ 8:11pm
Be nice to get some guest Almanac sours and Russian River (unlikely tho) if possible!
Billy T 18.03.2016 @ 7:20pm
Is it possible to subscribe to both the bi-monthly BottleBox subscriptions for EFP members, and have them run on alternative months? If so, how do I subscribe to them both?
BrewDog Rich 18.03.2016 @ 7:18pm
Conor - Yes, you are correct!

Gregory - We're not ruling it out for ever, but it won't for the time being, no. Thanks for the Tokyo* love though!
Conor 18.03.2016 @ 6:23pm
So am I right in saying if I signed up for Punk Case A you get both merchandise and beer?
Gregory 18.03.2016 @ 5:40pm
Hello, keep up the good work guys, Tokyo* is the best beer I have ever tasted.

Will the general public subscriptions ever include non Brewdog beers? Cheers
BrewDog Rich 18.03.2016 @ 4:32pm
Rusty - Check my answer to Roy's question!
Rusty 18.03.2016 @ 4:28pm
Why is the equity for punks pack A more expensive than the general pack E (£35 vs £30)?
BrewDog Rich 18.03.2016 @ 4:21pm
Roy - The beers for each case are different, the Equity Punk case will contain exclusive, limited edition beers and merchandise you can't buy in the online store!
Roy 18.03.2016 @ 4:17pm
What am I missing ? What's the difference between options A and E ?
BrewDog Rich 18.03.2016 @ 4:13pm
Marc K - The beers are all packaged up, so sadly not - if there's any you don't like I'm sure you can find someone to pay it forward to ;)
Marc K 18.03.2016 @ 4:06pm
Is there a way to exclude beers you don't like from being in the boxes?
Neil 18.03.2016 @ 4:05pm
Score! Looking forward to signing up, glad the price has come down for the EFP cases :)
Michael 18.03.2016 @ 3:52pm
Looks like something to look at over the weekend I think!