Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

If you’ve ever visited a BrewDog bar, you’ll know we have a selection of BrewDog beers on tap, as well as epic guest beers from around the world to sample.
One of the best ways to try a few new ones at a time, is to make a beer flight!

Just what is a flight? These samplers include four 1/3 pints of beer that you can mix and match from the taps yourself, or go on a hopped-up adventure with a selection hand-chosen by our resident beer geeks.
We asked a few of our staff to tell us which beer flight is their favorite.

Beer geek: Nick Manos
Flight: Workin' Grrrl
What's on it?: Jackie O's Biere De Creme, Punk IPA, Seventh Son Proliferous DIPA, Jet Black Heart
Best matched with: Hop Fries and Kingpin Carnitas Tacos  

“It's all about balance for Workin' Grrrl. This hard-working punk starts the day off with an easy drinking yet flavorful Belgium inspired creme ale before moving on to the hoppy regions of our tap list. Punk IPA and Proliferous DIPA offer a solid 1-2 hop punch dichotomy of perfect balance and whopping Mosaic dankness (respectably) that are truly the heart of this flight. After the onslaught of hops this flight is finished off with the forever velvety smooth Jet Black Heart. This flight is especially designed for beer geeks who may work in an office all day but still make sure to rage on any given weeknight!

I picked this flight because I wanted it to be balanced and take the palate on a little journey. The name is inspired after people who work boring jobs during the day but do cool punk shit at night.”

Beer geek: Charlie Collier
Flight: Big Brother, Little Brother
What's on it?: Dead Pony Club, Seventh Son Proliferous DIPA, Jet Black Heart, Cocoa Psycho
Best matched with: Rib Tickler and Mac & Cheese with Chorizo

“I called this ‘Big Brother Little Brother’ based on the styles we have in the flight. We have a session pale ale, then going to a double IPA. From there we go to a nitro stout, and finishing with a Russian imperial stout. I chose these because I enjoy all styles of beer, and this hits four of my favorite styles.”

Beer geek: Andy Talicska
Flight: The Sorting Hat
What's on it?: Jet Black Heart, Jackie O's Chomolungma, Seventh Sons Oubliette, Punk IPA
Best matched with: Mac & Cheese with Chorizo

“My personal fave flight is what I like to call "The Sorting Hat". It's for those who like to try the whole varied range of what's available.

Start with Jet Black Heart for a sly and ambitious descent into a chocolatey abyss, then hit up Jackie O's Chomolungma for a happy honey meadow romp with the rest of your badgery friends. Third, bravely and boldly go for something strong like Seventh Sons Oubliette, then smartly finish it all off with Punk IPA, bursting with bitter citrus and hoppy Scottish wit. Best with Smoked Mac 'N' Cheese and Chorizo to fully complement this smoky, spicy, and somewhat "cheesy" flight.”

Beer geek: Emma Sears
Flight: The Bruce Bogtrotter
What's on it?: Fat Head Bumbleberry, Jet Black Heart, Stone Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, Cocoa Psycho
Best matched with: Beery Brownie of course!

“I love this flight because it’s essentially dessert in beer form. Beer + dessert = heaven.

Starting of easy with blueberry and honey notes, our Fat Head guest draft is refreshingly light before the dark chaos commences. Next up is Jet Black Heart; a smash of sweet vanilla and espresso in all the right balance – that nitro line makes it extra smooth. Following that sweetness is Stone’s bitter dark chocolate oatmeal stout; thick, rich and blissful. And now we finish with the crème del la crème of ludicrously indulgent beers – Cocoa Psycho. The name says it all.”


Now tell us below, what would your ultimate flight look like?

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Cindy 24.04.2017 @ 7:20pm
Nick is on the money! I can't wait to get down there and try the carnitas tacos.
Craig 24.04.2017 @ 7:14pm
Emma's and Andy's sound awesome! I had my first flight at the DogTap in Ohio!