When you open the door of your nearest BrewDog bar to step over the threshold, we want nothing more than to guarantee you’ll find something amazing to drink inside. That’s the reason we take great pride in ensuring as wide a range of different beer styles can be found within as is humanly possible! With great choice though, comes great responsibility – so we scour the seven seas to discover new gems, rediscover old favourites and compile an amazing guest beer menu.

And to keep things fresh, we change it up every quarter.

The latest guest beer menu has just arrived in your local BrewDog bar – from pils to porter, smoked to sour, there is literally something for everyone. Head down and peruse a copy to see what delights await! Here are just five of the brand new beers we have in the fridges awaiting discovery…

Boon Framboise (5.0%)

One of the most storied beers in Europe, Boon Framboise embraces history at every turn. Almost exactly 40 years ago Frank Boon re-created an old style that had become something of a rarity in intervening years - raspberry-infused lambic. Fresh fruit is added to young, spontaneously fermented beer before being blended with older aged lambic, and the resultant beer is a rush of sour berry fruit from start to finish. A masterful Framboise, it is clean, dry and tart with a rich raspberry flavour surging throughout – quite simply one of the most refreshing beers on the planet.

Mikkeller Schwarzbier (5.5%)

If ever there was a brewery adept at turning its hand to any and every style, then it is Mikkeller. The Danish kings of ‘gypsy’ brewing have ticked off pretty much all types of beer out there over the years – so a regional German speciality is nothing it can’t handle. Literally meaning ‘black beer’, Schwarzbiers are evocative, bittersweet and invitingly roasty. Mikkeller’s take is dutifully true to style, so anyone after insight as to the impact of dark malt on a lager should gravitate towards this dry, chocolate and coffee-laced wonder.

Schneider Tap 5 Meine Hopfenweisse (8.2%)

Speaking of German classics, one of the most revered breweries in a part of the world boasting many is the Schneider Weisse Brauhaus in Munich. Bavaria’s oldest wheat beer brewery began production in 1607, and is now in the hands of the sixth generation of the same family. Tap 5 was first brewed ten years ago in collaboration with Brooklyn brewmaster Garrett Oliver; as you’d expect from that connection (and the last word of its name), the result is an intensely floral hopped-up wheat beer with pineapple and tropical fruit in abundance!

Ska Nefarious Ten Pin (8.0%)

Over in Garrett’s homeland the thirsty state of Colorado boasts more breweries per head than most other parts of the world – and one of the most boisterous is Ska Brewing Co. This is to be expected, given it is named after a particularly up-tempo choice of brewhouse music. Nefarious Ten Pin is a creamy, chocolate-rich imperial porter celebrating the almost symbiotic relationship between bowling and beer (the latter never far from the former). With coffee and dark stone fruit in abundance, the beer finishes with hugely rewarding balance of dark chocolate bitterness.

Cloudwater DIPA v3 (9.0%)

Few UK breweries have made as big of a splash on the nation’s beery consciousness as Manchester’s Cloudwater. With a seasonally-changing line-up (as with our guest beer menus) its selection is always fresh and related to the time of year. Some beers do repeat though – like the early standout Double IPA. This third version - first launched at our #PunkAGM2016 - deploys a monumental hopload as layers of citrus, stone fruit and resin arrive on the start of the flavour and ride all the way to the finish. It’s a hugely accomplished beer, and proof that Cloudwater is very much here to stay.

If you get to try any of these – or any other of our new Guest bottled beer list – then let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Likewise, if there are any breweries that you think we should add to our list, let’s hear them!

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Brent Thompson 04.05.2016 @ 9:50am
Get something going with Parallel 49 brewery in Vancouver, Canada. Their gypsy tears, seed spitter, etc. are amazing, and you need some Canadian beers in your bars other than Dieu du Ciel!
craigthered 03.05.2016 @ 1:16pm
Cloudwater DIPA V2 was amazing; drank like it was half the strength it was, so looking forward to trying the new one!
Pete H 03.05.2016 @ 12:49pm
I missed out on Cloudwater DIPA V1, but tried V2 on draught and in bottle.
Also tried V3 in bottle at Brewdog Nottm on Friday.
Believe the hype !
At long last, someone else may be getting close to what you/we are doing at Brewdog.

As for other breweries - you can never have enough Magic Rock. (Cheers Lewis.)
Finally got to try Un-Human Cannonball IPA 11.0%. Monster !
Maxwell 03.05.2016 @ 11:47am
Nefarious Ten Pin is a thing of beauty
Ed89 03.05.2016 @ 11:10am
I managed to get a taste of the cloudwater at the agm before it sold out, and it was definitely worthy of all the hype. It was interesting to try alongside Jack Hammer too