Time Magazine feature our Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Time Magazine feature our Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Now we are proper famous.

They even liked it enough to make a neat little video www.time.com/brewdog

You can get your paws on some of this remarkable little beer here


And this is how we made it, contrary to popular belief it was not mystically crafted by wizards, pixies and clowns.

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Will 31.05.2010 @ 3:19pm
He drank it in just over an hour? That's impressive. Has about the same amount of alcohol as 2.5 litres of white lightening. Although not as much artificial crap in it.
Douglas MacIntyre 30.05.2010 @ 4:48pm
I'm taking a bit of Penguin and Bismark to Chicago next week. Maybe this article will cause some additional interest...
Robert Fairs 29.05.2010 @ 1:47pm
"alcohol watchdogs are not amused"Well I am.
Michael Richardson 29.05.2010 @ 4:05am
eep!! that guy skulled (chuged) it!
Dave P 28.05.2010 @ 11:01pm
So when will Brewdog and Schorschbräu get together and create something?