A mere two weeks have elapsed since we gave you the mother of all lowdowns on our beer plans for 2015, so you’ve had plenty of time to give the tasting bunker a lick of paint and re-upholster your favoured drinking chair. That’s probably just as well, as the first of those new releases are now live in our online shop and set to hit the taps of our UK bars tomorrow (Friday) at 6pm!

Here’s how the end of your week is set to shape up, courtesy of a trailblazing new beer, and the long-awaited return of an old favourite…


Vagabond Pale Ale


Vagabond Pale Ale is now available to buy online here

Our latest newcomer teems with hop-flecked attitude, pounding away at those who perceive 4.5% pale ales to be run-of-the-mill, stock releases. Vagabond is set to make beers of this strength relevant again for two very important reasons. Firstly; by delivering a blast of Pacific Coastal sunshine – garlands of floral-decked citrus, resinous pine bitterness and a base of rich caramel malt. And secondly; because Vagabond Pale Ale also happens to be gluten-free.

Incorrigible of outlook, Vagabond is proof that the focal point of beers such as these should be flavour, rather than merely conforming to (or hiding behind) an ideal. Brewed with Extra Pale, Cara and Crystal malt and hopped with the twin US powerhouses of Centennial and Amarillo, Vagabond bears a bitter lick to the finish, running to 55 IBU.

It is full flavour, full tilt – only zero gluten.

Available right now on draught and in bottle, Vagabond is truly a beer for all – and one that is shaped around the cornerstone of making a stand. It’s a strike thrown for depth of flavour whilst also providing an outlet for people who are looking for great beer without gluten.

It is for those who can now stick two fingers up at existing gluten-free, taste-free options. It is for everyone who relishes full-flavour and independence. Join with us and show flavourless gluten-free beer where to go, by ordering in one of our bars simply by sticking two fingers up.

Be intolerant of gluten intolerance. V is for Vagabond.


Alice Porter

Alice Porter is now available to buy online here

Also returning today, finally, is the long-awaited return of Alice Porter – the wedding beer that outlasted the ceremony. Originally brewed in Fraserburgh in late 2010, this dark, roasty porter gained almost cult status over the years – so we felt it was time to bring back as our very first Brewdog seasonal! Alice clocks in at 5.2%, and is a carefully curated balance of six different malts and three hops. We’ll be delving into Alice’s backstory in the near future, to discover just why she was so well received. Until then, we’re sure she’ll be welcomed back with open arms!

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