It's been two weeks since DogTap Columbus opened its doors to the people of Ohio - and what a fortnight it has been. We have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have paid us a visit and blown away by the support of the local community!

These first two weeks have not been without a few teething issues however - we are well aware of all of them and are working hard to get them fixed. Waiting times, availability of food, beer selection and the level of customer service in these first couple of weeks have not quite been at the level we aspire for them to be at. This is quite simply because we have had over double the amount of customers we had planned for at DogTap Columbus! 

So here is how we are going to get these teething issues sorted...

Firstly we are in the process of adding a lot more staff to our DogTap roster so they can serve all of our visitors in the very best way. Related to this we are also changing the layout of DogTap to ensure our crew can look after everyone much more efficiently.

So secondly we are putting in a new bar next to our merchandise shop and adding more comfortable seating in the area where the bleachers currently are. This means if you just want to pop in for a quick beer or grab one whilst you wait for your table, the new bar at the entrance will be the perfect place to do that. This bar will also be where we install our amazing growler filler for takeaway beers.

Thirdly, we are putting loads of new seating and an additional bar upstairs on the mezzanine, this one will also have amazing views down into our canning line.

And fourthly, we are adding a lot more external seating and are going to construct a third new bar in a shipping container outside near the patio, which should make it a great place to hangout in the summer!

Sorry for the long waits on everything so far guys - we know that these new developments and the three new bars for DogTap will help on all fronts. Thanks so much for the support and bearing with us whilst we make DogTap even better!

In terms of brewing, we conducted water testing in the system last week and the first test batches of Punk IPA brewed on American soil will be happening in around two weeks time. Stay tuned for more updates as we go!

James & The Team x

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The Laughing Ewe Quilt Shop owner Terri Brown 25.03.2017 @ 6:47pm
Welcome fellow Canal Winchester business and Scotsman! Tried go but too busy! A good thing for you. Keep up the great work and everything will iron out. As for the haters...Well just tell them to bite your arse! Please stop by my shop if you ever have a chance and I will try make it in to you brewery.
Angel 12.03.2017 @ 4:57am
Today was our 1st visit and the word EPIC is the only way to explain the experience. We watched a surprise proposal and met new friends all while eating and drinking some of the best Columbus has to offer! We welcome Brewdog to our community and look forward to your expansions and success.
Handle 12.03.2017 @ 3:58am
Seconding Ralph's comment above. Jet Black Heart please!
May 11.03.2017 @ 2:07pm
Agree that it would be nice if you acknowledged Canal Winchester, it's not Columbus. The waits can be a problem especially if with a handicapped person--- how about joining the Nowait app, so you can get in line online when you are within 10mi of the restaurant. Wait time is clearly communicated and people know to start listening for their table. We had to leave because no where to sit and no real wait time known on said 30 one person said 45 yet people waited over an hour. Will try again but would love to support the local place! Our favorite places is it and it always seems to keep people happy and min over crowded waiting spaces.
If the hotel opens it will just get busier-don't want it to be a place where locals can't enjoy because it's always so busy with visitors.
Thanks for communicating tho!
Marsha Underhill 07.03.2017 @ 4:03am
What a nice problem to have! Too popular! I appreciate how you're acknowledging the problem and that you're on top of it! Also, I love the word "whilst"; I want that word to become part of normal American-speak :)
BRIAN DOWDEN 07.03.2017 @ 3:22am
Thanks for your honesty and updates. They all sound like great ideas. My only suggestion is call this location your "Canal Winchester" location. We love our town and you are located in OUR town, not Columbus (Understand if you say Columbus area but we are an amazing town and proud of it just wish you would say Canal Winchester).
Kristopher 06.03.2017 @ 11:56pm
I haven't made it down yet! But as an equity punk I love the way things are being done! That's one of the main reasons I backed the good ship!
Ralph 06.03.2017 @ 11:49pm
How long until Jet Black Heart is made on American soil?
Jason 06.03.2017 @ 11:16pm
Went yesterday for the first time. Experience was ok...ordered a burger and the server told me it could only be made well done...weird. We took our kids as we just left kids menu at all. Will certainly be back but some room for improvement.
Meg M 06.03.2017 @ 10:33pm
Agreed! There are issues, but super stoked to see that you are acknowledging them and coming up with solutions instead of just apologizing for them. The beer is fantastic and I can't even imagine how great it will taste when its fresh off the line. Looking forward to the updates and happy to hear the issues are from being a huge success in OH! Cheers!
June 06.03.2017 @ 9:48pm
We were there Saturday. Came in the middle of the afternoon to cut down wait time. New places always get slammed and it sounds like you are working to fix things. The chips and salsa were nice and the bleacher type waiting area wasn't bad. Glad to see you are working on making things better.
George Spence 06.03.2017 @ 8:57pm
Thanks for the updates. It is nice to know you listen to your customers and respond to concerns. I look forward to being a loyal customer.
Donnie 06.03.2017 @ 8:24pm
I agree with the previous comment, it's refreshing to see a company acknowledge obvious issues with a plan rather than a simple sorry or excuse. I'm a local who is thrilled to have BrewDog as a part of our community. Excited to see the further plans for a hotel.

Next would be a space to take in music, there is so little to do on the eastside of Columbus.

If BrewDog were to add a space to host music events even small ones that would be stellar. Hopefully that elf guy can get that idea to the owners.
Michael 06.03.2017 @ 5:16pm
If you brew it, we will come!
Greg 06.03.2017 @ 4:30pm
So glad it is such a success already. BrewDog is ready to take the USA by storm once the brewery is up and running! I've been there twice already and it is fantastic!
Kim Upperman 06.03.2017 @ 4:12pm
I am very impressed with the way you acknowledged the start-up hiccups and are on top of coming up with a fix to those issues. It shows the quality of leadership that is within your organization. As a local of Canal Winchester, I am very proud that you are a part of our community!
LeAnn Barga 06.03.2017 @ 3:39pm
Great to hear! The main pain points are 1. not having enough servers, 2. not filling tables fast enough (open tables with people waiting) and 3. speed at which you can get beverages from the bar 4. bartenders need to be more attentive to guests at the bar.

I am excited to see the changes, I come at least twice a week!
Bryan 06.03.2017 @ 3:05pm
Seconded. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. You'll get there and we'll keep returning!
Nick Martin 06.03.2017 @ 2:43pm
Much appreciated. It is busy but will help to have all the new bars in place