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Following on from yesterday's brewhouse update post we are massively excited to be able to bring you not one, but two awesome new beers – which together will constitute a perfect citrus-laced soundtrack to your spring. As winter just about recedes into the distance, dig out those sunglasses and get down with the pithy, refreshing flavours of these latest BrewDog releases!

Elvis Juice

New Brew Wednesday begins with the fruition of a prototype. We first released our American citrus IPA as a small-batch beer last year, but the epic juice-load gave the beer a slightly sour edge. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but from the start we intended Elvis Juice to be a go-to takeout beer, perfect for those bracing spring picnics and early-season road trips. So we have done two things to make this happen.

Firstly, we have dialled the fruitiness in on an epic scale. The new-look Elvis bursts with layer upon layer of grapefruit and tangerine from a judicious amount of zested peel and the US hops – giving citrus on top of citrus. Secondly, we have packaged it in everywhere-friendly cans. A draft version will follow, but we couldn’t wait to get this beer into a portable format for the outdoors!

Ace of Simcoe

You can buy Ace of Simcoe here

Also live in the online shop today is the first of a brand new series of beers. Ace of Hops is a limited-release single hop 4.5% session IPA featuring our favourite hops, released over the course of the year to be drunk as fresh as possible. And talking of favourites, we are celebrating by kicking the whole thing off with the mighty Simcoe.

In possession of the ultimate poker face, Ace of Simcoe plays the unbeatable hand of mango, pine and grapefruit as the malt bill lets the hopload truly stand out when it matters. Look out for more of these epic hop salutes over the course of the year as we dial up (in turn) Ace of Chinook, Citra and Equinox!

Both beers are live in our online shop right now and will be in our UK bars from 6pm tomorrow, Thursday 25th February. Ace of Simcoe will be available on draft and Elvis Juice in cans. For those who fancy a blast of citrus to see off the winter, head along to your nearest BrewDog bar and leave us your thoughts on the outcome in the comments below!

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Michael Potts 24.02.2016 @ 1:24pm
Ordered! Roll on Thursday too so I can try Simcoe on tap :)
Greg 24.02.2016 @ 11:30am
I'm still not sure which version of Elvis Juice I preferred, I found them very different beers indeed. But it will be interesting to taste them side by side
Nitin 24.02.2016 @ 11:11am
Always the citrus - keep them coming Brewdog!